General interest questions

Can I buy p i kids books directly from p i kids? Can you send me a catalog?

At this time, we sell products only through outside retailers, in stores and online. Please look for our books at bookstores and major retail outlets. The products in our catalog are all featured on this website. Click on the Titles tab to see what’s currently available.

Does p i kids have its own book subscription service?

We don’t operate our own subscription service.

I’m looking for a book I saw/purchased some time ago, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere now. Can you sell me a copy or tell me where I can buy it?

Like all publishers, our list of available titles changes over time, with new titles added and older books falling out of print. p i kids books that are more than five years old are likely to be out of print and out of stock. However, very popular books are often reprinted on a regular basis, sometimes with new cover art and/or a different title. Click on the Titles tab on our website to see what’s currently available.

Customer service questions

I need a replacement battery for one of your books. / I used the battery order card that came with the book, but it was returned to me. What do I do now?

The replacement battery form included with our older books has been phased out and we no longer offer this service. However, replacement batteries are easily available.

Most of our sound books use 357/AG13/LR44 (or LR1154) button cell batteries. You can buy them wherever watch batteries are sold. Just look for the number on the existing battery and buy one to match.

Please note: although batteries with an SR designation (such as SR44) physically fit in our books, they may not put out the correct voltage and will not work dependably. We do not recommend the use of SR-labeled batteries.

I’m having a problem with one of your products. How do I get a refund?

First, our apologies! We’re sorry you’re having a problem. We work very hard to create the best books possible for our customers.

  • If the book you purchased is defective (with pages in the wrong order, scrambled sound buttons, or a similar problem), we will replace it, for up to one year after purchase and if we have the title in stock. If you have a defective book, please call Customer Support at 1-877-277-9441 or email us at We will need the ISBN number of the book (printed next to the bar code on the back cover), the date and place of purchase, and your shipping address.
  • If you have a problem not related to a defect, please return the book to its place of purchase. Their return/replacement policies will apply.

Questions about specific books

Record-a-Story Books

I have tried to record the story, but when I play it back my recording either skips pages or doesn't record at all.

We’re sorry you’re having a problem with your Record-a-Story. We’ve found that most recording problems can be solved by making sure that you’re reading from a book held open on a flat table, near a bright light source, as outlined in the printed instructions. Why is this necessary? The holes punched into the right-hand pages are, in effect, sensors that use light to link the recording with the appropriate page. If the book is angled, or the light is dim, the sensors can’t work properly.

  • If the book still doesn’t record or store the recording properly, open the battery compartment and make sure the switch is in the UNLOCK position. Then try recording again.
  • If you still can’t get a good recording, your book may be defective. For a replacement, please call Customer Support at 1-877-277-9441 or email us at We will need the book’s ISBN number (printed next to the bar code on the back of the box), the date and place of purchase, and your shipping address.

My First Smart Pad: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

In this set’s First Words book, there are no words for Q and X. Is this a misprint?

The original version of this book had a programming limit that required us to use 3-letter words only for this spelling activity. Since there are no age-appropriate 3-letter words in English that start with Q or X, those letters were not included. We encourage you to use the Smart Pad to explore all of the letters from A to Z and to play the many included alphabet and spelling games, and also to use the absence of Q and X in that book as a teaching opportunity: “Can you say the whole alphabet? Which letters of the alphabet are missing from this book? Can you think of words that start with the letters Q and X?"

Look and Find: Frozen

My entire family has looked and looked, and none of us can find the wishbone in the picture of “things Anna would like to share with Elsa.” Please help!

You’re not alone. This “find’em” has stumped quite a few readers! Here’s where to find the wishbone: look in the bottom left-hand corner of the right-hand page. You’ll see little Anna knocking on the door of Elsa’s room. The wishbone is in Anna’s right hand.

Quiz-It Pen Books

My Quiz-It pen doesn’t seem to work properly. Do you have any trouble-shooting tips?

We’re sorry you’re having a problem with your Quiz-It pen.

  • The pen doesn’t respond at all. First, check to see that the pen’s batteries are charged. If the batteries are good, try cleaning the pen’s tip with rubbing alcohol. Dirt interferes with the pen’s ability to read the answer coding on the page.
  • My child chooses the correct answer, but the pen says she’s wrong! Please make sure your child is touching the center of the star answer symbol. This product uses a special ink to “code” the correct answer areas. Touching any place on the page where this ink isn’t present (even if it’s just a few centimeters away from the “right answer” star) will register as an incorrect response. If that doesn't work, try rubbing the tip of the pen gently a few times against a clean piece of paper. This may help remove any residue from the conductive ink stars.
  • I’m still having trouble with the pen. Try resetting it. Remove the batteries, wait 2 to 3 minutes, and then put the batteries back in. This may solve the problem.

If none of these tips works for you, your Quiz-It pen may be defective. For a replacement, please call Customer Support at 1-877-277-9441 or email us at We will need the set’s ISBN number (printed next to the bar code on the back of the box), the date and place of purchase, and your shipping address.

Creative and sales questions

I’d like to copy and use a picture or text from one of your books for personal or non-profit use. How can I get permission to do that?

We never grant permission to use our copyrighted material for commercial purposes, but permission is sometimes granted for personal or non-profit usage, depending on the circumstances. Please email us at with the following information: the exact usage proposed, the number of copies you plan to make (for print media), and the page number and ISBN number of the book in which the requested material appears.

I’m a bookseller and would like to start carrying p i kids titles. How do I open a business account?

Please email our Sales Department at and we will connect you with a representative. Include your full name and business name, address, and contact telephone number. Thanks for your interest!

I’m an aspiring or professional artist/writer. How do I submit my work to you for consideration?

While we appreciate your interest, we don’t accept unsolicited proposals, manuscripts, illustrations, or other artwork for review. Our content is developed in-house by members of our own creative team.